Utility Consulting

PCS is a leader in the utility consulting field. With over 30 years of interference experience, the Padilla Construction Team can optimize your interference returns, while minimizing your interference delays.

Since being established in 1993, PCS has successfully negotiated over 200 utility agreements, on over 75 New York City contracts. Our Client base is composed of premier contractors in the metropolitan area.

Quality, service and customer satisfaction are our primary goals. We monitor your projects through their completion, whether we negotiate a lump sum or unit price agreement, to ensure that all utility interferences costs have been billed.

Client List:

  • Bedford Enterprises
  • CAC Contracting
  • Clemente Brothers
  • Cruz
  • DeBoe Construction
  • Dell Tech
  • Demicco Brothers
  • DiFazio Industries
  • EE Cruz Construction
  • Halcyon Construction
  • Heavy Construction
  • Perfetto Contracting
  • Perfetto Enterprise
  • Ravine Construction

Padilla Construction Utility Consutling