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Barrier Force® barriers use a set of pentagonal cells attached to each other in hundred foot chains. Since the cells are connected to each other with a flexible wall, the fill media forms a solid barrier as the two sides conform to the common wall. This connection also forces the rising water to move the entire chain rather than being able to dislodge a single cell. Given that each cell’s weight is more than twice the pressure of the water pushing against them, moving the chain is virtually impossible.

The chains themselves can be connected to form barriers that are a few hundred feet all the way to several miles long. This inherent flexibility allows the Barrier Force® barrier system to conform to your project’s specific needs. We currently produce Barrier Force barriers in 2, 4 and 6-foot heights, with lower heights decreasing installation time along with requiring less fill media as well.

The pentagonal shape itself offers several advantages, with the angled section increasing the footprint. This allows each cell to hold more fill media while increasing the surface area of the base, which increases friction through more ground contact. With an increased base-to-height ratio to eliminate tipping, the toe of the Barrier Force® barrier allows for easier, more consistent filling. An additional benefit comes when the angled section is positioned facing the water, allowing the weight of the water on the section to add to the Barrier Force barrier’s stability.

Barrier Force® barriers were designed from the ground up to be a strong, stable, rapidly deployable flood barrier, which can be installed with limited manpower to offer communities flood protection.

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