Coastal Flood Barriers

Coastal flood barriersTo prevent coastal flooding, Barrier Force® dune cores can be installed to redirect the water from the storm surge and coastal wave action. Shore barriers or coastal barriers can be installed rapidly by deploying Barrier Force® dune cores, and this coastal flooding protection system may be installed as a temporary or a permanent barrier system, depending on the material used for fill.

Barrier Force® dune core coastal flood protection barriers are made with a high-strength textile material, and manufactured in a pentagon shape. Individual bags are connected together and chambered to form a continuous length of defense barrier, typically in 100-foot segments, which can be linked together to form a barrier of almost any length. To install, the segments easily unfold before being placed on our Man Portable Deployment Unit, or MPDU, where each cell is filled with a recommended material such as sand or dirt.

Storm Surge Barriers

Storm Surge BarriersA storm surge occurs on the coast when river water or Gulf water rises and comes ashore, typically caused by a tropical storm, cyclone, or hurricane. High winds pushing on the surface of the ocean, along with a lower barometric pressure, cause higher tides and waves to rise above sea level, which can cause storm-surge flooding, especially when storms remain over open water for long periods of time prior to landfall. Most casualties during a hurricane occur during the storm surge, however; Barrier Force® storm surge barrier dune cores can be installed quickly to help prevent serious damage caused by storm surges.

Coastal Erosion Protection

Coastal Erosion ProtectionThere are many different types of erosion that can cause disasters, the first being erosion by elements such as wind, sun, and rain. Erosion from waves and water can eat away at the shoreline or erode a levee on the river’s side, and forest fires, which make the ground impervious as a result of the ash that mixes with the soil, cause the other type of erosion.

In both cases with significant rainfall, the water runoff cannot be contained by or soaked into the soil, increasing the potential for flooding or mudslides, but there are ways to protect, prevent, and slow down the erosion process, including building windbreakers, planting vegetation, and covering the soil with mulch. Erosion prevention and protection with windbreakers can be temporary or permanent using Barrier Force® coastal erosion protection dune cores, which are made of a high-strength textile material aligned side-by-side in a continuous manner and filled with dirt, concrete, gravel, or other recommended fill material.

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