Flood Protection and Prevention

flood protection

Utilizing high-strength textile materials, temporary or permanent Barrier Force barrier systems can be used quickly for flood prevention and flood protection. The versatile bags are mounted on a Man Portable Deployment Unit, or MPUD, and filled with dirt, sand, or other recommended material. With the ability to be stacked on top of each other to create a desired height, the applications of Barrier Force® barriers are many, including but not limited to the common uses of erosion control, infrastructure protection, and retention barriers to prevent mudslides.

Flood Control

Flood ControlRapidly install temporary or permanent flood control barriers with the Barrier Force® flood-defense containment system.

Barrier Force barrier applications are limitless, but flood-control barriers are one of its primary uses.

The Barrier Force® flood-control containment systems are made of a high-strength textile material connected together side-by-side in a continuous manner. With typical bag segments in 100-foot lengths and placed on a Man Portable Deployment Unit, or MPDU, they are easily filled with crushed stone, dirt, concrete, or other recommended fill.

River Floods

River barrierMost levees are often built right next to the river in the alluvial plain to prevent flooding, but they are at risk of overtopping because of rising rivers during heavy rainfall or snowmelts that fill the floodplain, allowing strong currents to take everything that falls within its path. The Barrier Force® barrier system will stay in place without moving or eroding, even withstanding the impact of floating debris.

Each cell of the Barrier Force® river flooding prevention barrier is manufactured in a pentagon shape using a high-strength textile material, individually forming a continuous length of barrier that can be linked together to form nearly any length. For installation, the bag segments unfold like an accordion and are mounted on a Man Portable Deployment Unit, or MPDU before being individually filled with dirt or other recommended material. As always, Barrier Force® river flooding prevention systems are quick to deploy and setup.

Barrier Force® Contact

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