Infrastructure Protection

Utilities Flood Protection

Utilities Flood Protection

In the event of significant weather events (tropical storms, nor’easters, inland flooding), protecting critical utilities is a major concern. Barrier Force® has successfully protected gas and electric substations, distribution centers, and generation facilities against the risk of rising floodwater and coastal storm threats, hardening these facilities to protect against weather events.

Engineered using four or six foot barriers, the Barrier Force® utilities flood protection system works in conjunction with a specialized Barrier Force® rapid protection gate, which was designed to give utilities easy access to the protected site for regular operations and rapid closure upon the risk or threat of flooding.

Barrier Force® dune core coastal flood protection barriers are made with a high-strength textile material, and manufactured in a pentagon shape. Individual bags are connected together and chambered to form a continuous length of defense barrier, typically in 100-foot segments, which can be linked together to form a barrier of almost any length. To install, the segments easily unfold before being placed on our Man Portable Deployment Unit, or MPDU, where each cell is filled with a recommended material such as sand or dirt.

Water Facility Flood Protection

Water Facility Flood Protection

Water supply and water treatment plants are critical assets that municipalities have protected with the Barrier Force® barriers system. Due to the location of these facilities and the inherent risk of rapid flooding, Barrier Force® infrastructure barriers are a perfect solution to protect these facilities.

Based on having the correct assets (equipment and people) and the availability of fill material (sand, rock, and dirt), Barrier Force barriers have successfully been deployed at rates upwards of 6,000 feet in a 24-hour period. Barrier Force® infrastructure protection barriers are the only product available in the market today with the capability of rapid deployment on such a large scale.

Subsurface Flow Control

Coastal Erosion ProtectionIn major metropolitan areas, mass transit such as rail, bus, and subway systems, is a critical infrastructure involved in recovery support following a major flooding event? Barrier Force® infrastructure protection barriers have been deployed to protect subsurface mass transit facilities or operations and critical assets in multiple locations around the United States with a primary focus on switch stations, substations, tunnel entrances, and critical tracks, all of which add flooding risk.

Barrier Force® infrastructure protection barriers have been successful deployed in subway entrances, subsurface tunnels, critical power sources, and operation centers, allowing municipalities to mitigate against flooding risk and quickly start-up mass transit systems after weather events.

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